Monday, November 14, 2011

Ladies' Time Out: Stacked Christmas Tree!

Ladies' Time Out: Stacked Christmas Tree!: I finally got my stacked Christmas tree done so you can see what it looks like!! Look how cute they are!! I will be teaching how to make these on THURSDAY DECEMBER 8TH @ 7:00PM- 10:00 PM!! Come have some fun and make cute crafts!!

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

The Jones Halloween Party!!

We had the Robison party Sunday and the Jones's Halloween Night so i  made double the treats for both parties so we had the same table setting, decorations, and treat /food counter for both party's i just didnt want to repost the pictures.
 Jayden and Madix
 The Robison Family
 The Stowell Family
 Cute little Presley!
 Jordan and Karol! Karol was the winner of the Jones Best Costume contest! She looked super cute!!
 Grandma Lori and Grandpa Gary!
 The Hogue Family
 A cute little witch miss Avia!
 All the cute kids!!
 Boy's donut game!

 It came down to Gary and Jordan!!  So so Close!!

 Grandpa Gary was the winner!!
 The kids taking there turn!!
 Little Frank!! (Connly)
 The Girls turn to do the donut game!!
 It came down to Lori and Mckel!!! These two were so so close too!!
 Mckel was the winner!!
 Our Photo Booth!! Silly faces!!
 Paul, Jordan and Dad doing the photo booth!! So Funny!!
Henery here doing his own photo shot! lol

The Robison Halloween Party!!

 Our Pin the eyes on the ghost game!
 My cake pop that i made!! They turned out cute! My first time making them!
 The dessert/food counter!! i took my picture before i put the dry ice in the punch! It was so cute with the fog coming out the top of them! The kids loved it! I got the idea HERE
 The kids treats that i had left over and the spider suckers i made.
Our Best Costume Voting box!! The BEST Costume goes too... Grandpa Bruce!! 
 I made these black cake stands for the halloween treats to go on!! i love the way they turned out!!

 The table setting!
 Our table all decorated!
 My  little Monkey that wouldn't wear his hat!!
 Jayden and his space costume!
 Jaren's Sister Melissa. She had her little boy Tyler but i forgot to get a picture of him! He was a cute little lion!

 My HOT Husband Jaren!! lol
 Jaren's mom and dad Bruce and Mary! they looked so Cute!!
 Our cute little family!!
 They whole gang!! Tyler was the little lion!! i didn't get a picture of just him!
 Jaren and Bruce playing the donuts game! Bruce was the winner!!
 Me and Mary playing the donut game! Mary won!! Good Job!
 Jayden and Tyler going at it!! It was so fun to watch these two!! They were hilarious!!

 Little Dax getting a turn! He didn't know what to think!! lol

My Latest Projects!

 This is a bow hanger that i made for my sister Mckel and some of the cute bows that i made for her cute little baby Presley. The Yellow bow i bought, it was too cute not too!!

 The treat bags i did for Jayden preschool this year for Halloween. Seen these on pinterest and thought they would be so cute for the kids!
 My Thanksgiving sign to go on my table. Got the vinyl and wood at The wood connection
 My shirt that i attempted to make!! We were getting our family pictures taken and i needed a white shirt to go under my cardigan. I looked every where and could not find one that i like. So i got on the computer and go on PINTEREST (lol) and typed in white shirt, and i see this cute cream ruffle shirt... thinking it would hopefully take me to a wed site to where i could buy it, and NOPE, it a blog tutorial showing how this lady made it!! So i look over her tutorial 5 times and thought to my self, ok well... i guess i am going to try and make this. I did it! and seriously it wasn't as bad as i thought it was going to be. If i can do it any body can! It turned out super cute and it was perfect for our family pictures. lol Go HERE to see how to make it!!